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3D content in minutes

Low intensity creation and distribution.

Load on demand viewing for most screens.

Blend your data with templates to customize.

Deliver the magic your brand inspires”

Author 3D that matters

Employees customize using their taste.

Customers follow up online for fresh content.

Import and export assets using standard formats.

Every user deserves unique content”

3D content for everyone

Publish once for all devices.

Environments updated in real time.

Dynamic hosting instantly scales for traffic.

Multiuser starts at the core”

Publish 3D for today

Use spreadsheets to merge data.

Navigate freely in the virtual environment.

Take advantage of spatial and orientation data.

The right stuff over quick or cheap”

3D works for business

Download once for endless plays.

Web optimized media and interfaces.

Fast turnaround for evolving technology.

Saving a buck on hosting counts”

Additional resources

Tap Room Demo (6/21 @ 5min) video
Quick Run Thru (8/20 @ 5 min) video
VC Pitch deck (10/20 @ 2 min) video pdf
Scene Pipeline (arch diagram) image
Display creation pre addon (webApp UI) (8/19 @ 10 min) video video 2
Liquor bottles set to music (4/20 @ 1 min) video
Accessory Picker (concept image) image
Geo Store (concept image) image
Part Picker (concept image) image
Device Orientation - mobile - view space (concept image) image
Ads [display catalogs] in all 3D views (concept image) image
Mobile 3D Graphing calculator (concept image) image
Residential Compass design (concept image) image
Prepare display vague recipe (concept image) image
Original cart and UI design @ 2018 (concept image) image
SuperNote Cubed concept (concept image) image
Content Pipeline (arch diagram) image
Sheets Addon Flow (arch diagram - older version) image
Wide Version of Pipeline (arch diagram - older version) image

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