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WebGL product picker service

Import products via CSV format for a 3D user experience

Fast is a feature - fast delivery, fast downloads, fast orders and fast ROI
Our Rule - More code costs more now and later! (aka KISS)
Key Technique - Data Driven Design

Annual Plan - 20 Demos and 6 MVPs from 3 teams
Location - local resources in Nebraska as possible, remote resources where expertise preferred/budgeted

Demo - usable proof of concept to aid in design ~ 1 week
Prototype - data integrated but 3D Content, UX and UI work remain ~ 3 weeks
MVP(Minimum Viable Product) - a working product that should produce a ROI immediately ~ 2 months

Scope Control - resources are budgeted mostly for customizing appearance and data integration; not new features
Focused Development - spend your resources on the features specific to your product - not the newest technologies
Use Firebase - for a integrated realtime data, storage, authorization, hosting solution and standardized deploy process (dev ops)

We're Looking - for people that not only dream of writing video games, but plan to at some point
Work Here - for expert guidance in developing WebGL and HTML based mobile applications
Team Roster ~ 5 people - a manager/lead with a mix of webgl/3d modeling/javascript
Skills We Like - Babylon ThreeJS WebGL Unity Firebase ES6 Node HTML5

Delicious Culture™ - we train and utilize local resources
Founded - 3/1/1998 by Samuel Huelsdonk to create mobile software and devices
Handtop™ - The original and only registrants of Handtop (similar to desktop) is named for software and devices that run on the top of your hand (similar to the top of your desk), starting with a focus on PalmOS®.

SuperNote³ - for mobile - spreadsheets and notes in 3D is coming back soon.

Why Change?
Printed Catalogs (aka circulars) are mailed to most addresses in the country and most are thrown away without being looked at. Even when someone does read a circular, it’s a small portion of the amount printed and mailed. This is wasteful to print, mail and dispose of.

How can we help?
By offering a new option in between physical retail stores and eCommerce sites combining the spatial arrangement of products in a catalog and/or physical store location using Virtual Reality (on mobile first, but also other devices including console and headsets). It’s time to get more efficient on product presentation with eCommerce to offset the physical retail store collapse. At the same time representing products in arrangements and groups is a very common practice both in creating catalogs and retail store layouts.

When to change?
People visit retail stores to view products and layouts (displays). Most regular customers buy from stores on each visit out of appreciation for the retail selection and arrangement services.
People visit eCommerce stores to find the best price, availability and delivery options. There is still a large gap between these two activities, with the exception of high loyalty from retail stores transitioning to online stores.
Visual Catalogs (Virtual Reality based product display and picking) looks to fall somewhere in between current online offerings and vastly more expensive and disappearing retail store options.

What do we change?
We’re building a system that Utilizes existing catalog creation processes, data and systems for eCommerce
Utilizes retail store SKU vs physical bin location arrangements CSV data format for associating existing product catalog pipelines with 3D assets for Virtual Reality Display

Who are we?
Experience with hundreds of individual retail stores covering store design, POS, ICS and eCommerce automation, with a focus on SKU maintenance and catalog management targeted at print, stocking physical bin locations and webstore catalogs   Privacy Policy
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