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Reviewed: 2021-03-28

Projects View: Deploy

pins the selection as default.
deploys the selection.
deploys all projects.
choose subview or open in browser for highlighted project.
[Deploy]: log of most recent deployment activity
[View]: embedded view of deployed
[Display]: display viewer of current project
[Upload]: Upload images, audio files and mesh (.babylon or .glb/.gltf) files
[Open in ...]: Open specified application in new window
[QR Codes]: QR codes holding URLs for /display and /view

The list of projects comes from the Projects sheet, please reload the addon data if manually editing this sheet.

Projects View: Upload

Important: Server and Project required to be selected, also make sure to have enabled CORS on the GCP bucket being used, or that will cause problems.
Files are uploaded to bucket specific to Selected Server and location specific to Highlighted Project.
Note when uploading files in other views of the addon, the Selected Project is used, not the Highlighted Project.
For files large then 5MB please directly upload using the /asset application, or upload to your own blob location.
In general large files aren't going to work well in mobile experiences.