ondemand_video   animation
Reviewed: 2021-05-28
Use with a Layout template ('Web Font Logo' recommended), add to projects (checkbox) and set to default (checkbox). The [Refresh] Button will turn to busy - when it completes use the to deploy and view the animation.


Template Filters


Configuration, Project, Deploy Options examples and more


Layouts and Displays will add a primary sheet with the project name and optionally supporting sheets for assets and products.
Layout examples are generally targeted for the /view application.
Display examples are more specialized and targeted for the /display application
All Layout and Display templates should work in all the included applications, including /asset.

[Projects] adds the sheets generated from this template as a project row on the Projects sheet.
[Default] sets the resulting project to the default project.


Assets and fragment templates contain reusable data in a single sheet, for example mesh and material combinations for floors, walls, products and furnature. These templates can be imported stand alone, but need to be associated with a project to deploy.

This will append the created sheet to the comma appended list of asset ranges for the current project using getDataRangesForSheet (refer to Functions for more) to derive the ranges for the data tables.


Examples of product sets in a single sheet that match up with circuits (Layouts)
Usually these are included with a layout, otherwise the [Add for Project] works the same as assets, except in this case it operates on the [Products] column of the currently selected project.