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Reviewed: 2021-05-28

Deployed Project Persistence

handtopbuilder/builder will be cleared often - use one of the other servers listed in the deploy options template if you want some longer persistence.
More on Addon Server Targets

Data Ownership / Terms

We have no intention of claiming any rights to any of your media or profiting from it. On the other hand we own everything that we originate especially code and techniques. ABSOLUTELY don't go to scale, over $100 and GCP demands payment at end of the week - I'm poor and big surprise bills suck bad. If you want to publish something, just ask and it's easy to get something served up in an instant - on your billing account.
More on Terms

Spreadsheet Considerations

% based values in cells

% based values are useful when working with frame times - be careful to either add a "'" to the front i.e. 98% = '98%, or 98% = ="98%" in the cell. Otherwise sheets calcs 98% = .98 - which equates to .98 ms. under consideration is converting a raw value of 0 - 1 into a % (value / 100). 1 shouldn't really be used as 3-5 is better - @30 frames a second, it's 3ms + per frame. So possibly .1 = 10% (instead of .1ms), 1 = 100% (instead of 1ms) and 0 is 0.

Sheets Timeouts

functions must finish in 30 seconds or they fail - this at busy times of day (afternoon/evening USA) can cause intermitent fails - so check formula results and try again at times to make sure no errors

Addon Refresh Times

Please be patient with the add for best results, wait until the green uploading/deploying/refreshing data is done to navigate and change values - we know it's slow it likely always will be

Special Characters in names

Try not to use commas (,) or other special characters in names (/, http, etc) as it may cause errors due to CSV format (unlikely if you stick to the templates) but also macros, sometimes textures are generated from color: and http: prefixes to simplify material description

Features in Progress For Release

preset basket position and sizes

so selected items appear "in cart" in a pre defined (and better) way - similar to product positions - this would be basket positions

get instancing to work

when it's the same mesh in multiple child blocks - and no scaling is used (possibly use a flag at the block (or block child) level that hides/diables frame scaling
an instance flag on the block child record could force the mesh/shape to use an "instance" cache for all items in the animation (not just the current block) - the scale settings would come from the mesh/shape record

use a ghost block

when picking an item on local device for motion and scaling?
iterate away from changing the animation and use user profile and ghost blocks for user specific variations (i.e. cart should be full of ghost blocks - also use ghost blocks when picking an item)

fixup login on /asset so it caches credentials

remove music generation data after frames generated

(also provide option other then scaling to make it usable on mobile - such as a shaking rotation)

popup confirmation of data copied to clipboard

(like aws)

audio support for /view

Saved Camera Updates

investigate saved camera with default camera in /view, and also default arcrotate camera in /display for the move buttons

add fragments, assets and products to template preview

just info in the detail panel in addon

Group for support

Consistent but anonymous names

In general able to share question and answer - but all personal and company reference is removed. Privacy first. No one likes being the search engine at all, especially not 10 years from now. Lets keep you out throughout.

GIFs supported in G Suite display - upgrade the image with some frames

next release / need more thought

/asset - add open material new window

to make it easy to open and drill down into materials

realtime editable experience near homepage? like logo editor???

need to created texture for /product/product_chips.babylon

Meter based units - unit factors

add cm operator for spatial units? would 1/100 multiplier to convert to meters as a base unit (like ms for time)

refactor frames data to be children of blockchild records - deprecate frames collection

pre firestore conversion for sure

mesh/texture preview in 3d

for addon? (vs saved preview image)
maybe /preview that fast generates texture/mat/mesh and shows?
shape preview with realtime adjustments?

Mesh Wizard Import updates

Support scaling, position and rotation defaults - mostly for default scaling to convert all sizes into meters for maximum VR compatibility

.glb export updates

(raw color problem) - convert the color: values to an inline embedded images for export data: ...

color picker for message type on product positioning

Text, Shape and Arrow

like text and shape - for diagraming - easy to connect arrow (connector line) to other shapes

Service Worker for 3D Text

Kick off a thread to generate 3D text - load one or two in parallel to main thread and have them generate 3D Text and transfer the result to main thread when complete

Copy Link for new spreadsheet for template

in help item provide a open new that creates a sheets doc and allows the user to make a copy with the template generated in it

Molecule plotter

Sphere(shape) plotter for positions, sizes, colors and connections - will plot spheres at the positions, scale and color them, then connect line (cylinders) point to point to form lines that can be wrapped into molecules (colors and size for various atoms)

Parallax scrolling interface - where the user scrolls a "follow ui" type of interface, but the follow is control via scroll ... similar to a parallax UI for a carousel interface