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Reviewed: 2021-05-28

For Developers

For /view and /display apps, Firebase Anonymous Authorization is used with a single profile for all users during alpha to increase multiple user overlap.
For /asset Google authorization or email (passwordless) is used. You are prompted to login each time because we can't save 2 sets of Firebase Auth credentials for one domain, so /view and /display authorization is preferred by default over /asset. In production for a client we can use sub domains to store more credentials, so asset can become vs and store separate credentials that don't overwrite the user applications.

The Asset Viewer(/view), Display Application(/display) and Asset Editor(/asset) all derive from the same shared code. At this time the viewer is heavier then wanted, the idea is to derive a minimum sized application for your needs, and the existing code is fragmented into a number optionally includable modules depending on UI features and advanced editing features.
Except in a few performance driven situations the applications write to the database and the canvas bound code reads from it (versus writing to memory, then to do db, and db to memory, etc etc).
Firebase Authentication is used for OAuth providers, anonymous authentication and managing user accounts, such as password changes and verification emails.