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Reviewed: 2021-05-28

Native Cameras

Native refers to BabylonJS Cameras

For more specific details cameras visit: BabylonJS Cameras 101.


- mouse right click, [ctrl] left click, or [ctrl] arrow keys moves the camera target (~position) - zoom in and out with the mouse wheel, page up/dn or gestures
- right mouse button to move the point of focus
- left mouse allows you to rotate around the point of focus
- default camera if non specified
For more on ArcRotate Camera visit: Arc Rotate Camera.

Follow Camera

This camera is common in games where a camera follows a target and includes easing and smooth position and angle corrections with respect to the target (block/shape/mesh) followed.
Target Block (targetblock): [blocktype]:[name] ... ie. shape:box1 or block:block1

Animatable Properties

UniversalCamera and DeviceOrientationCamera can all have their origin controlled by frames.
ArcRotateCamera can have it's aim target controlled by frames.

Product Camera

     signyoffset (default = 6) - height signs float above products
     datascalefactor (default = 2) - scale amount for audio generated animation
     dataframesfilter (default = .05) - clipping range to reduce frames from noise (small changes not requiring a separate frame)
     productrotatey (default = 0) - value to rotate each product position by (to counter rotating the ::scene::_productsWrapper) for a carousel effect
     musicparams - (default = '') - prefix (+ 'frequencyblock') for audio animation blocks