ondemand_video   animation
Reviewed: 2021-03-28

Text and Shape

This block creation helper combines 1 or 2 lines of text to make a shape combined with text. This is intended to replace a 2D square or circle containing text. It's not a good idea to have too many characters in one animation - as the poly count can get high fast.
For the materials, you can either use a material you have created, or you can use "color: 1,1,1" notation to specify a color as the material. For the shape, pick one of the presets, size it and the text and shape will be generated and placed into a box. The shape will be positioned on the negative Z axis, centered on Y and X. The text will be placed on the positive Z axis.

Shape and Text Notes

Spaces count for centering, to push left, add spaces at end of text, in front of text to slide text right

Connector Line

This block creation helper combines 3 shapes into a block to form a connector line. A cylinder shape is used for the line - if you don't want it round, specify the number of div (min 3), i.e. 4 makes a box instead of a cylinder.

Animated Line

This block creation helper combines shapes into a container block and adds frames. To make the dashes move faster, decrease the Run Time, or increase the D (Depth) of the line. Use these in place of dashed lines or to show flow.