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Reviewed: 2021-03-28
Babylonjs overview of materials and textures: here.

Bump Textures

Bump textures (aka normal maps) allow the gpu to render more light effects from a rough surface, without adding to the poly count. Babylon has a little more reference: here.
A number of bump textures (normal maps) are supplied for ease of use. Check out the images prefixed with "sb: bmp-".

Text Based Color Macros

rgb (0-1 levels) color, use the format "color:r,g,b" - i.e. "color:1,0,0" is diffuse red, for emissive color, use "ecolor:1,0,0", to set both use "decolor:1,0,0"
  for textures there is an image library available using the prefix "sb: 123.jpg"
To view normal maps in the addon, leave the diffuse texture field blank - to view specular maps leave both the texture and bump map empty

Import Notes

on Import any texture name containing a "/" or "." is considered a file path and converted to a texture with scale and considers .mp4 or .webm files as videos (sets texture as such), .png and .svg to contain hasAlpha = true in the texture
hasalpha (csv) force sets the hasAlpha flag on the diffuse texture (alpha flag is only meaningful on diffuse)

offsetv, offsetu, scaleu, scalev are all applied to generated textures - for all textures - it's assumed if you scale or offet the diffuse map, all other maps will need the same alignment

Preloaded materials

Add Material View