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Reviewed: 2021-05-28

Deploy once, run everywhere

Realtime data intersects users and platforms instantly

Our platform integrates BabylonJS 3D library with Firebase hosting and data for all javascript webGL/webXR delivered experiences.
An addon for Google Sheets simplifies deploying and editing mulitiple projects on multiple servers.
Our goal is to make editing 3D animations and displays as similar to editing DIVs and key frames in CSS. Scene Pipeline Workflow

webGL Scene Viewer Applications

Multiple applications are included by default for editing and viewing animations - end clients will likely customize the code with special features. This system is a rapid 3D prototype with code customization via applications to finish off performance intensive features - such as complex user interactions.
More on Asset Manager (/asset)   Asset Viewer (/view)   Catalog Display (/display)

Google Sheets Based Addon

Create short shelf life applications via worksheets. Once the spreadsheet data is setup to create an animation, making a series of small and regular adjustments, such as changing images, text or colors; should be low intensity activities, including deployment and viewing the deployed work product.
More Sheets Functions

Catalog Displays

Importing data is broken up into three collections, assets, layout (or scene or circuit) and products. The format of data is the same for all three files, the key is they are imported assets first, layout second and products third, then the server performs a generate display operation on the project data.

TODO - update/insert image showing asset/circuit/product break down for display generation