ondemand_video   animation
Reviewed: 2021-05-28

Plots sets of coordinates for plots and paths

Bar Chart Plotter

Simple, provides example of uniform position data to position rows of shapes and meshes

Radial Plotter

plots circles, ellipses and spirals

height: use it for a spiral effect - 0 produces a set of points with no rise
end depth, end width: leave blank to match width, 0 creates spiral effect
turns: number of times to circle - useful with height - otherwise points are plotted over the same path on the same plane (probably repeats without decay)
decay: % of points reduced per turn (~row), for example 3 turns with 50% decay - bottom row 12 pts, 2nd row 6 points, 3rd row 3 points

To Gain More Precision multiply the width/height/depth by 10, 100, 1000 as needed and use cell formulas to scale back down

Path Plotter

Used for pathing cart motion, where the cart moves in an angled direction and rotates only near a point - i.e. moving around in shopping isles.