ondemand_video   animation
Reviewed: 2021-05-28
Second in a series of related examples.
This builds on the Short Red Video Tutorial. The result data from the previous example is used to create a reusable block and share it with another scene.

Tutorial Steps

Clone result from Red Video Tutorial

If you did the previous tutorial, you can start from the result, otherwise import the red tutorial to create the single sheet (but long) recipe.

Create a new sheet and transfer rows

Lets reuse the animated shapes (and container block) by extracting them into a separate sheet that's easy to reuse.
The result sheet can be created by importing the "Spheres for Videos" template (Assets)
The green and yellow videos are generated using the same process
Reusable Sheet Part 1
Reusable Sheet Part 2

Fix up main sheet

Reusable Sheet Step 2

Fix up Projects sheet

Add the ranges from the new sheet to the Assets column in the Projects row
Reusable Sheet Step 3