ondemand_video   animation
Reviewed: 2021-05-28
First in a series of related examples.
Step by step tutorial to make a medium sized animation with a mix of frames, shapes, colors and text.
The first step contains a one sheet recipe for a short red video - the result of this will be used later in a video picking example. The spreadsheet result can be viewed by importing the Short Red Video template.

Tutorial Steps

Initialize Project and Scene

Add a blank project, a scene and text and shape block (diagram block).
More on addon projects   More on creating a layout   More on diagram blocks
Red Video Tutorial Step 1

Add assets to animate

Add wrapper block and a sphere (shape) to animate - 12 times. The animation displays 6 spheres at a time using 12 assets (spheres - 2 @ each)
More on blocks   More on shapes
Red Video Tutorial Step 2

Add frames to animate assets

Each sphere gets 4 frames each to control it's position and color. Since a shape (mesh macro) is added with the same name many times, the [childindex] becomes important in addition to childname and childtype to add frames.
colorHeader is used here in frame header cells as well to color the column values. Refer to creating templates for more.
More on frames   More on creating templates
Red Video Tutorial Step 3 Red Video Tutorial Step 4

Add a set of frames for the wrapper block to twist things up

Red Video Tutorial Step 5